Our Products

Baby Wet Wipes

Baby wipes

Soft Baby wipes alcohol free and parabens free.

Suitable for the daily hygiene and for the nappy change.

baby wet wipes

Personal care wipes

Personal Care Wipes

A wide range of personal care products:

intimate wipes, hand & body hygiene wipes, wet toilet paper.

Cosmetic wet wipes

Cosmetic Wipes

Cosmetic wipes that gently clean, tone and hydrate the skin.

With delicate fragrance and soft texture.

Pet wet wipes

Pet wipes

Suitable for when you what to clean a small area of your pet coat, when you want to help your pet cool down on a hot day or when you are rushing.

Household wet wipes

Household Wipes

Wet wipes for cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, furniture and floors. We also manufacture multipurpose wet wipes – for all hard surfaces.

Health care wipes

Healthcare wipes

Cleaning and disinfecting wipes effective against a wide range of pathogens, including spores. Suitable even in critical areas.